Instructors & Resources

Instructors & Resources

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Online Training Program

CPI Training is a project management firm which provides talent management solutions for clients across Canada and around the world.

Vendor Management

The principals at CPI Training have years of experience working with national and global enterprises in helping them by providing services such as Vendor Management, Training Services, Curriculum Development Services and more..

Curriculum Development

For curriculum development projects, we follow agile and iterative development lifecycle.

Psychometric Assessment

CPI Training offers psychometric assessments to improve your HR decisions in areas like hiring, leadership, teams, and individual development.

Executive and Leadership Programs

Master the Formula for Success: Build high-performing teams, set clear objectives, and drive results through collaborative strategies.

International Recruitment

CPI Training has partnered with the Innova group and ProStar to provide clients in Canada with labor from around the world.

Mentorship Program

Research over the last 20 years has shown that effective mentors can have a positive effect on trainee job satisfaction, career mobility, recognition and promotion.

Online Safety Training

We have partnered with an Online Safety Training Network to offer a variety of Occupational Health and Safety Courses and Programs online.

National Capacity Building

In order to build the capacity of a nation it is critical to develop curriculum with and for industry. We offer years of experience doing just that.

Open Instructor Network

Are you an instructor in search of international opportunities? Join our free instructor network and gain exposure to organizations from across the world.