Executive and Leadership Programs

Management Excellence

Building a great team- To achieve great results, you need to have great people. We will discuss ways to find, choose, develop and retain the people you want and need.

Objectives- If your company lacks clear objectives, productivity is greatly diminished. It is extremely important to ensure that your people clearly understand what they need to do and why they need to do it.

Achieving outstanding results- Without continued positive results, a company cannot move forward. We will teach you ways to work together with your team to achieve your company’s desired results.

Motivating Your Team

The power of motivation- We review examples of what motivation can do for an individual, a team and a company.

The Hierarchy of Needs- Abraham Maslow, renowned psychologist, identified five needs that humans seek to fulfill. It is the pursuit of fulfillment of these needs that fuels our motivation.

Achieving great results- We discuss how you can get your team excited about their work and the company’s success.

Critical Thinking

CPI Training has a number of professional resources to help senior executives improve the quality of their thinking skills. For more information contact tdrabiuk@cpit.ca or view the list of our professionals on our Instructors and Resources page.

Project Management Program

Perfect for introducing technical or non-technical individuals as well as soon-to-be and/or new project managers to the principles and techniques of effective project management that can be applied to projects.

Delivered by Project Management Institute (PMI) certified PMP instructors using courses aligned with PMI PMBOK.

Team Building

Collective understanding- To create an effective team, all members must clearly understand what the team is trying to accomplish and the role they each play within the success of their company.

Organizational harmony- The ability of team members to work together harmoniously will greatly influence their productivity. If you build a feeling of camaraderie within a group, your team will know they are important and valuable members of the team and thus be more willing to help each other.

Collaborative culture- In order to build an effective team, it is important to create a collaborative organizational culture. Asking people for their opinion, using their strengths, and involving them in decisions will help you to build a productive team.

At the heart of two continents, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Accra, Ghana, lies the I Am Worth It Project Organization (IAWI). Our mission is to bridge the success gap created by a system that often overlooks the vital role of these 12 critical soft skills in the achievement of success.  We believe that these 12 critical soft skills are the essential building blocks for achieving not just success but long-lasting, sustainable triumph in the world of business, career and in life.  Learn More.