Zoran Jokic

Over the past 20 years, I worked in a variety of capacities in the training/consulting, management, logistic, and sales sectors. I began my career working in the Humanitarian Aid Agency and then branched off into hospitality, technology and wireless industry. I have provided leadership and guidance in matters of life coaching, hospitality, account management, sales, and training delivery to various institutions.
Coupled with my practical experience in IT training/sales and management, I have been updating my knowledge with many professional courses in the area of adult education, project management, and leadership. Those certification programs have served as an invaluable tool in enhancing my role as a Certified Training Consultant and as a manager in the IT and wireless industry.
I have worked with a number of reputable organizations, non-profit, and contact centers to perform training, develop management and employees, evaluate sales and retention risks and/or implement programs. As of late I am expanding my knowledge in the area of change management and Occupational Health and Safety