Ursula Osteneck

As an educator for the past twenty-seven years I have gained broad teaching experience, particularly in the health care field. I have been involved extensively with the design, development and delivery of workshops for the private as well as the public sector. These workshops cover a wide range of topics such as the Change and the Change Process; Clinic Cleaners© for pandemic planning; competency-based education instructional design; instructional skills; train the trainer; technical writing; and, the development and implementation of assessment tools.

I have worked internationally facilitating competency based education workshops in Africa, Nepal, India, and Jordan. In the past three years I have worked in the Philippines and Ukraine with the Foreign Credential Recognition project to develop tools and processes to facilitate the recognition of training and experience that immigrating skilled tradesmen bring with them (international training).

Currently I am program head of a health care program; I have strong management skills,in-classroom teaching skills, and communication skills. My program completes multiple prior learning assessments (RPL) every year.
I am an avid reader and photographer; I photograph travel, experiences and people from home as well as abroad. I “make” photojournals (hard copy)as teaching tools, mementos, souvenirs.