Tariro Mpoperi

Tariro has over ten years experience in all aspects of the end-to-end corporate learning and development process. She held learning and development positions in the energy, oil and gas, banking and adult education industries.

Tariro is a systems thinker with very strong skills in project management and process mapping. She has managed over twenty learning and development projects including the implementation of a learning management system (LMS), reorganization of a learning department, the integration of eight compliance courses, and course development for a new regulated billing methodology for gas and electric utility services. Her learning and development skills and attributes are their best when she is working with a team of subject matter experts, end users, project managers, stakeholders, who share a common vision.

She is a skilled DACUM Facilitator who has completed over twenty DACUM profiles. The results of the DACUM profiling have led to competency based training programs, job re-classification, re-design, interview plans, and formed the basis for succession plans.

�DACUM Facilitator
�Develop competency-based learning programs
�Online Instructional Design
�Paper-based Instructional Design
�Procedure documentation
�Course redesign
�Coach other learning & development professionals
�Conduct learning audits
�Compliance Training Framework
�Facilitate Classroom Learning
�Conduct Needs Assessment
�Develop Framework for Regulatory Training
�Manage the course development process
�Workflow Planning & Prioritization
�Develop corporate learning strategies