Tara Stuart

FTTS provides training development, instruction, and consulting services for simulator and classroom-based settings, covering generic and site-specific content. We provide quality, economical solutions to fulfill the training needs of power industry clients. We will provide the appropriate training consultation and guidance based on each client’s goals while keeping in mind the client’s limitations and constraints.

FTTS can develop the following to help you create or enhance your training program:
 Student Manuals
 Instructor Manuals
 System Descriptions
 Training Needs Analysis
 Job and Task Analysis
 Training Program Plans
 Test Banks
 Job Performance Measures
 Qualification Guides
 Operator Assessments
 On-the-Job Training Modules
 Operating Procedures
 Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) [Update Existing or Create New]
 Plant Reference Documents (Job Aides)

We can develop training for any of the following types of plants, equipment, systems, or topics and more. Let us know what your issues are and we can recommend a solution!
 Gas-fired, coal-fired, hydro
 Combined cycle, simple cycle, conventional coal (sub and super-critical)
 Basic plant science, instrumentation and control