Stephen Hobbs

For 40+ years, Stephen has worked with and in corporate, government, and non-profits as a senior manager, trusted workplace educator and board of governance director.

His consulting business, WELLth Learning Network, came about as a result of Stephen’s years of discovering “what works” when it comes to developing a healthy corporate culture and productive organizations.

He combines his talents as a EdD in adult learning, a practitioner, writer, workshop presenter, speaker, decision facilitator and mentor to work with and educate executives and mid-level managers & leaders to improve, focus and strengthen personal, group, team, and organizational approaches to creating the well-living workplace™.

His work has taken him to Western Australia, eastern Africa, Asia, and across North America.

He serves as a Leadership Development instructor at The Banff Centre, mentor to many senior managers and consultant in the areas of leadership/management development, strategic mapping and tactical planning, and generally increasing clarity of organizational culture.

He has published books and eBooks in support of his work. He publishes weekly blog posts about managing and leading organizational group via mentoring/facilitating and groups/teams –