Rosaire Couturier

Dr Couturierâs professional career spans several decades of academic and senior executive experience.

As an academic, he was an associate professor of corporate finance (tenured) before his appointment as Associate Dean Research and Academic at Laval Universityâs business faculty. From there, he was appointed CEO of the Institute of Canadian Bankers, ICB, and spent the better part of his career as a private sector senior executive. Under his leadership, the ICB was transformed into a top ranking financial services educational provider, ranking among the top five in the world. His contribution to the field was recognized when he was awarded an honorary doctorate from Dalhousie Universityâs School of Management, an honorary Fellowship of the ICB and an appointment as executive in residence (Professeur associé) at UQAM Universityâs School of Management.

Upon retirement, Dr Couturier started his own consulting firm specializing in Strategic Thinking, Organisational Development and Executive Coaching. His approach is participative relying primarily on the facilitated workshop process to which he brings structure for task efficiency and group communication facilitation for process effectiveness.

Drawing upon his experience as a CEO, Dr Couturier believes that the most insightful knowledge about any organisation resides with the people in that organisation. Mining that dormant knowledge and creativity pool ensures better adapted and lasting solutions that achieve a higher and faster degree of acceptance and ownership by those responsible for implementing change. However, most executives are activities driven; as such they do not often have the luxury of time to reflect. Thus, the facilitated workshop process is an effective method of awakening the dormant knowledge and latent creativity of people within an organisation.

His clientele is both Canadian and international (Morocco, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman).

Dr Couturier is currently preparing a manuscript on â The Practice of Managementâ covering the following topics:
⢠Economic Value Creation
⢠Strategic Thinking
⢠Process Thinking
⢠Shifting the Financial Information Paradigm