Patricia Luzi

Patricia Luzi founded ISIS Inc. in 1992, to evolve the most common training experiences. My goal and success is in creating a more focused, flexible, interactive, and productive approach to learning computers and interpersonal/human skills needed to work and live with confidence and ease.
Understanding the synergism between all aspects of training, facilitating, coaching and presenting gives me an excellent view from which to direct ISIS training products and services.
Positioning ISIS as a leader, I developed the skill to arrange media and content to help learners and trainers transfer knowledge most effectively. I have the vision, drive, and commitment to create and deliver engaging and concise training and coaching programs that are clear, flexible, and easy to use and adapt.
I am a successful owner of training company, instructional designer, editor, trainer, facilitator, coach, motivational speaker and technical writer providing documentation and delivery of knowledge. I have a knack for developing true blended learning solutions by distilling complex information into easy to digest concept and procedures. I produce functional material in courseware, elearning, user documentation, virtual training programs, PowerPoint and quick reference guides.
I have over twenty-five years of experience in training, facilitating, technical support, assessments, curriculum development, training trainers, and training management.
Prior to my success in training, facilitating, coaching and presenting, I held a regional sales/marketing position for a technology company, was an independent manufacturers rep, and an independent business consultant. This helped me develop confidence and ability to succeed in any venture pursued.