Leaha Mattinson

Here to help you solve your people problems and to help your people solve their own problems. Inspiring a safer, healthier more productive and happier workplace.

What�s the problem and how can I help? From performance management to interpersonal relationships, conflict and dispute resolution to leadership skills and wellness I help clients first find the problem and secondly develop and deliver effective solutions.

I am successful in assisting organizations because people trust me almost immediately. It is from that trusted advisor position that I can obtain full-disclosure and help my customers to get to the root of sensitive issues and use personal accountability to resolve them. By being naturally collaborative and inclusive I gain buy-in and cooperation from all involved parties to build a strategy that can be successfully implemented to address real problem(s) in meaningful, measurable and sustainable ways.

I am an expediter and handle problems tactfully, strategically and professionally, and for seventeen years I have been providing consultations, coaching services and customized solutions to customers from diverse backgrounds. My expertise in Career Coaching and Mindfulness has assisted people to make better decisions in business, career and life management.

I enjoy handling sensitive problems and I am entrusted with information that others sometimes cannot get at. I think fast on my feet and am fun to work with. I�ve had my share of �learnings� and achievements and am comfortable sharing those when appropriate, in order to encourage others to achieve their best result. My can-do and positive attitude and energy are infectious, and well tempered with professionalism. I have a very strong work ethic and am compelled to understand expectations, head-off problems through open and timely communication of progress to clients and strive for client satisfaction.

In addition to consulting work, I have been committed to athletics for over 20 years as a participant, referee and as a coach. More recently, in the past five years I was a certified Personal Trainer in British Columbia, am a certified Group Fitness Instructor in Alberta and am a member of Alberta Fitness Leaders Certification Association. Currently, I personally train six days a week and I am the team trainer for the Provincial Champion Sherwood Park Titans Jr. Women�s Lacrosse Team and Synatics Synchronized Swimming club. I understand and promote personal accountability, know how to facilitate and negotiate to obtain a win-win result.

I have been consulting for over 15 years and on an as-needed basis putting out fires and helping people who excel to keep doing so. I am now looking for a place within a business that could benefit from these experiences to contribute to a safer, healthier more productive and happier workplace.