Kenneth Case

I started working in oil and gas in Alberta in 1968, worked for Amoco Canada for 7 years at the West Whitecourt Sour Gas Plant, aquired a PE 2nd class certificate. I joined Mobil Oil in Indonesia as shift supervisor in Jan. 1979 for commissioning and start-up of 3 LNG units and liked it so much that I stayed and commissioned 3 more LNG trains, 3 LPG units and storage and loading of LPGs/LNG. All in all, I spent almost 18 years in Indonesia at P.T. Arun LNG Co. as the longest serving EXPATE on site. In 1996, I moved to Tokyo as operations advisor with Mobil Oil for design/construction/commissioning of new (largest LNG trains in the world at the time) for Mobil Oil (Ras Gas) Qatar projects. As operations superintendent, I helped recruit the Ras Gas Ops Mtnc teams for Ras Gas and then was superintendent for the plant as we took the plant from construction to full production. This involved Sour Gas, Sulphur plants, CO2 H2S injection, Gas sweetening, LPG extraction, GE Fr 5,Fr 7, Fr 9, gas Turbines, Electrical generation, seawater cooling, Desalination plants and of course Methane Liquifaction.

During this time I was also the operations supt. for the storage/loading/shipping of the LNG and advised all the LNG receiving terminals in Korea on proceedures for receiving LNG.

I have EXTENSIVE experience in ALL phases of LNG production from offshore gas production to the receiving and regassification of LNG.

I am retired since May 2006 and living in Alberta.