Heather Gray


Heather has a 20 year background in law enforcement, serving in street patrol in a high crime urban area, becoming the first female hostage/crisis negotiator at her agency working with the tactical team, is a forensic child interviewer and investigator in an integrated child abuse unit.

Of course there are myriad other special assignments in her career, such as an overhaul of the entire service delivery model and operational projects such as murder for hire cases. She’s been the recipient of several commendations for bravery and for going above and beyond and for being calm under pressure.

After leaving policing, Heather sought out and subsequently trained with Gavin de Becker, the world renowned pioneer in the field of threat assessment and all manner of violence (workplace, interpersonal/family, bullying/harassment and stalking). Heather also served on Gavin de Becker’s faculty at the Advanced Threat Assessment Academy in California.

Heather has served and guided numerous corporate, organizational and individual clients through dangerous, high risk situations that required careful assessment and case management on an hour to hour or day to day basis. In some of those situations,
there was a need to pull in the entities required to form a multidisciplinary team, so as develop appropriate strategies for the situation to ensure the safety of all involved parties. Those have been highly successful and provided safe outcomes for all involved.

Additionally, Heather develops policies/procedures and reporting processes for clients so that all are up to date and compliant with relevant legislative requirements and that all pieces work together thus limiting vulnerability from litigation.

Heather has created customized curriculum specifically for corporate training needs in nearly every industry and sector and for all types of respectful workplace topics along with all manner of workplace violence issues ~ workplace violence, bullying and harassment, abuse of power, stalking and interpersonal violence, working alone and whistleblower protection.

Recently, psychopathy in the workplace programming has been added to the offerings. This is in response to the outing of the deleterious effects that faulty hiring practices through the ‘80’s and ‘90’s have contributed to poisoned and toxic workplaces where whole populations of targets have been harmed. Further, there’s now a triple generation of these faulty hiring practices, along with the related succession planning, that is showing that this phenomenon must be rectified. To do less leaves employees at risk of significant harm and organizations left vulnerable to failing to respond and open to litigation.

Heather is also a popular conference speaker where she delivers presentations on her own compelling personal stories, drawn from her first experiences becoming a police officer at a time when there were very few in Canada, and on through a career marked by tremendous highs of satisfaction for making real differences in so many ways. But, with that, comes many disturbing stories of what goes on behind the scenes. Her take on these is riveting and one that attendees will not soon forget.

She relives the impactful stories about the bare truth of how her life in policing and the violence brought by a corrupt organization destroyed all the gains made over 20 years. Following on, she explores how that debilitating abuse by her police family then bled over into her private family life and how it seeped into every aspect of her life and that of her extended family. The toll is immeasurable. At one point Heather and her son were relegated to homelessness as a direct result of illegal and immoral undertakings of those in power who were out to destroy her and even her young son. It’s the most twisted and compelling of stories.

Those are the basics. The reality and the stories you’ll hear are significantly compelling. Like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

Heather also brings to the speaking stage her expertise. She is available for engaging and enlightening presentations for any type of conference and for any group. Heather is mindful of the audience and thus carves her presentations accordingly. Often a keynote can be accompanied by a breakout session to address a particular issue with a smaller group for deeper focus.