Elliott Jaffa

When people ask me, “What do you do?” I respond, “What do you need done?” After the initial chuckle I then ask, “What are your organization’s two biggest problems?” The problems are usually to make the cash register ring…louder – a marketing issue – and some sort of people problem – a training issue. Thus, I do marketing and training. Two of my goals are to make you look good to both your boss and your people and to exceed your training expectations for a maximum return on the investment of your training dollar$. I’m a high-energy, dynamic trainer and keynote speaker who uses humor to make learning fun. I bring over 25 years of experience to your training room with a track record of satisfied customers. My mission is to treat each client as if they were my “ONLY” client. Now, here is where I differ: As a behavioral psychologist, I suggest that you provide me with two lists: 1.The skills and behaviors YOU would like the participants to come away as a result of training 2.The skills and behaviors the PARTICIPANTS themselves would like to learn I then deliver a custom value-added training program meeting the needs of BOTH groups. While training programs come across your desk constantly, take a minute to review my list of “meat and potatoes” seminars and keynote addresses. Many are the hot, new, and fresh topics while others address the basics. I guarantee they will produce immediate results and positive behavior change, increase productivity, and contribute to your organization’s goals. Approach to Training and Training Style Dr. Elliott B. Jaffa is a behavioral and management psychologist and creative problem solver with over 25 years of training and management experience. As a dynamic and high-energy professional keynote speaker, trainer, and marketing consultant, his focus is on results and solutions–the immediate transfer and application of learning to the workplace. He feels that, “No matter how good business is, it could always be better.” Dr. Jaffa does not hide behind a lectern (unless you want him to) but rather wanders into and interacts with his audience. He takes great pride in his sense of humor and common sense in addressing today’s management problems and guarantees to make learning a positive experience while exceeding your training objectives. Dr. Jaffa’s Rx: a “how-to,” practical, creative, interactive, high-energy presentation to motivate you and your colleagues that reap maximum value for your time and training dollar$. Dr. Jaffa holds a doctorate in education from the University of Maryland and a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Xavier University. Dr. Jaffa’s objective is to incorporate lecture, role playing, audience participation, and case studies to build new positive behaviors into the participants’ behavioral repertoire, motivate participants, and challenge them to think creatively for maximum value for their time and your organization’s investment in training. His primary training goal is to ensure that information learned today will be applied on-the-job tomorrow. Participants come away with a better understanding of how to apply newly learned skills to become more effective, communicative, and productive within their organization. EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT – Managers’ Boot Camp: Coaching Skills for the Leadership Advantage – Executive Leadership – Five Skills Critical to Your Own Survival & Your Organization’s Excellence: Communication, People Skills, Project Management, Marketing, & Common Sense – Executive Leadership – How to Criticize & Discipline Through Positive Management – How to Conduct a Performance Appraisal… Painlessly – How to Eliminate, Reduce, (or at least cope with) Frustration in the Workplace – Conflict Resolution: Converting that “Negative Stuff” into the POSITIVE – Customer Obsession: Total Quality Customer Care – Client Relationship Management: Growing Loyal Clients – The Marketing Audit: Your Magnifying Glass to Increased Revenues – Strategic & Creative Technical Recruitment & Retention – Trade Show Training PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – Precision Management: Working Smarter, Not Harder – Everyone’s a Trainer: How to Train, Present, & Communicate with Confidence, Enthusiasm, & Authority – Everyone’s a Salesperson: How to Better Sell Your Products, Your Services, Your Ideas, & Yourself – Powerful People Skills – Creative Problem Solving for Highly Successful People: A Hands-On Workshop MOTIVATIONAL – The Competitive Edge: How to Get Ahead in Life, Your Career, & Your Job – The 14 Day Guide to Success & Peak Performance Which ones are needed in your organization? A detailed course description with a course outline and learning objectives can be found by going to my web site http://ejaffa.home.mindspring.com and clicking on “Courses.” Dr. Jaffa also has the distinction of having presented more distance learning training via live satellite television than anyone in the country. For a customized keynote presentation or training program to best meet your training needs and achieve your objectives, call Dr. Jaffa directly at (703) 931-0040 to discuss your next step.