Edward Crinion

To Whom It May Concern

As indicated in the accompanying profile, I have an outstanding track record of success in taking a leadership role for organisations in Senior Management, Staff Development, Executive Business Development and Strategy, through, introducing more effective business processes and practices.

I have sourced, managed and project managed numerous project opportunities, as well as trained others in corporate development, progressive management, productivity and bid and tender processes in technical, and general business, civil engineering, water, waste water, environment, urban development, energy, mining, building construction, property, roads and capital asset development projects across Australia and internationally that have provided stakeholders with outstanding returns on investment.

I am competent in my industry knowledge with strong commercial and business acumen, combined with an extensive client and consultant contact base and the ability to write business presentations and reports. I excel in written and verbal communication skills with experience in developing strategies in a management and business development role.

My expertise incorporates a unique blend including; executive management, business development, project management, business strategy, planning and scheduling, quality standards, trade management, cost control and project administration, incorporating, strategy formulation, implementation, and technical know-how. I am a highly competent, confident and articulate negotiator with an extensive client contact base and I have had considerable success in influencing the key decision making processes across a diverse range of contexts.
I posses the ability to lead an organisation, conceptualize, plan, organize, liaise, negotiate, influence, delegate, communicate, motivate, follow up, report, and generally get things done in a consultative manner. I am pragmatic, and flexible, adaptable, and ethical. I am able to work under minimal guidance, self motivated, goal focused. I am able to multi-task, and be professional at all times.

You will find that I typically look for and find a fresh and innovative approach to arising issues and that I focus very much on getting the basics right in fields of optimising productivity, reducing costs, maintaining attention on the key leverage points while ensuring operational continuity from a executive management position.

I am very much action and outcomes oriented, but always take the time and make the intellectual effort needed to ensure that the plan is robust and sound before moving forward. I have a wide ranging experience base across several economic environments and understand the key drivers of success in most contexts. I have a capacity to blend into new products seamlessly and invite a new challenge. I am multi- disciplined as my CV will testify.

Yours sincerely,

Edward J Crinion