Edrea Cox

Throughout twenty years of work experience, Edrea has become a business generalist delving most deeply into the adult learning and communications fields. She has also held positions in Human Resources, Accounting, Customer Services, and Call Centre operations with duties ranging from administrative to managerial, in unionized and non-unionized environments. As such, Edrea�s perspectives allow her a well rounded world view whenever approaching a new project.

As an L&D Practitioner, she developed and delivered learning programs for diverse client groups. As an educational leader, she oversaw the development of a comprehensive, multi-tiered, competency-based learning program for a business unit in excess of 350 people with diverse competencies; while continuously managing the new hire and project learning requirements ongoing in the business unit. She also ensured new and cyclical compliance learning requirements were met (e.g., Code of Conduct regulation for Alberta Utilities, Privacy and Canadian Sarbanes Oxley or CSox). She managed the implementation of learning initiatives derived from small to large information technology implementations and process improvement initiatives; both of which required her to utilize aspects of change management to assist people in moving through business changes smoothly.

Edrea�s experience in the communications field includes the creation of internal communications and documentation processes that allowed people to receive �just in time� information. Edrea also formulated messaging for a variety of external communications pieces and as a result acquired corporate reputation management and public relations insights.

Edrea is a strong facilitator with experience in developing over eleven DACUM (Developing A Curriculum) profiles used in the development of learning programs.

Edrea augments her experience through on-going studies of Adult Education through the Universities of Alberta and Victoria, Faculties of Extension.