Bryan Green

Dr. Green has an extensive background in traditional, distance and on-line learning instructional practices. His specialty is in the design and development of instructional trans-media, on-line curriculum and distributive delivery methodologies for distance education. He is grounded in instructional design theory and has been involved with all levels of curriculum and instruction ranging from K through 12, post-secondary, and University environments. Bryan has gained his expertise through experience as an independent on-line learning consultant with both the Universities of Calgary and British Columbia�s distance education initiatives, the Government of Alberta�s Distance Education initiative through involvement with the Tele-Learning Centers of Excellence (TLNCE), and through direct involvement with the Safety Coordination Services e-Learning initiative.

Bryan has been involved in curriculum design, development and implementation of traditional and on-line instructional courseware for the various initiatives, and has worked collaboratively with a variety of industry partners. His activities have given him a unique perspective on the future of curriculum development and distance education as it applies to the world market and his experience in dealing with a variety of educational systems has positioned him to become a world leader in the field of curriculum development and distance learning.