Bob Wiens

My experience is both from books and hands on. In 1993, I became a journeyman boilermaker. After that I went to college and completed my adult education and vocational instructor programs. Since 2000, I have created and taught several business and trade related courses. The government has taught me how to complete one on one evaluations and my experience allows me to prepare and teach the required material. In 2006, I completed the BLUE seal in Alberta which qualifies me for trade management. My years of teaching have shown me a weakness in the college teaching system with First nations people. To fill the void I created 6 courses which include 4 trade related and 2 professional courses. The trade related courses start at the pre-trade level and end with a construction supervisor program. The professional courses include a vocational instructor and entrepreneurship program. It’s my goal to be able to equip people no matter where they are in life.