Aman Chaudhry

Professional Profile – Aman Chaudhry
Aman Chaudhry, independent consultant registered with Corporate Registry in Vancouver Canada, previously enjoyed a successful career in education, international development and consulting. He has education and training experience from Pakistan, Japan, Canada and UK.
Aman Chaudhry has extensive international professional experience that includes extensive experience in designing, planning, implementing and managing complex projects with a diverse set of team members and skill sets. He has extensive experience in project planning, monitoring and evaluation. He has record of peer reviewed publications and reports in a variety of areas related to development. He represented the Chad Basin Authority, in the Board of Directors of Maidugri Flour Mill Nigeria.
Aman Chaudhry developed a teaching program at the undergraduate and graduate levels in various courses in Pakistan. He designed and conducted training program for technical education in Nigeria. He authored training manual for workers in Pakistan. He represented Pakistan in the Use of Economic Instruments for Environmental and Natural Resource Management in Asia � Training of trainers sponsored by United Nations Environmental Programme held at New Delhi India. He submitted a country report related to environment in this workshop. He completed the environmental management survey and contributed to the development of the environmental management national occupational standards for BEAHR (Building Environmental Aboriginal Human Resources) in Canada.
He has 22 years of research and teaching experience at university. Aman Chaudhry has experience to manage multidisciplinary and multinational teams. He has experience in effective working relationships with people of different nationality and cultural backgrounds. Aman Chaudhry enjoys assisting others to learn and is personally satisfied when he knows that he has somewhat played a small part in someone�s development and success.