Edgardo Palza, PhD

Dr. Palza has more than 15 years of experience as a Consultant, Professor and Researcher. He has extensive experience in areas such as Business Management, Operations Management, MIS and Statistical Analysis. 

As a consultant Dr. Palza has implemented Business and IT solutions for organisations as Nokia, Ericsson Research Canada, John Hancock (USA), NASA IV&V, World Bank, Bombardier (Canada), Cirque du Soleil (Canada), CGI Inc. (Canada), etc. Dr. Palza has taken

He is Associate Professor at the Department of Software Engineering and Information Technology at « Université du Québec â�� Ã�cole de technologie supérieure ». Since 2009 Dr. Palza is working as Part Time professor at Telfer School of Management â�� University of Ottawa. Dr. Palza was also working as Part Time professor at « Ã�cole des sciences de la gestion â�� UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal) », « Faculté d’Administration – Université de Sherbrooke ». Dr. Palza currently is imparting online courses at «University of New Brunswick (Canada) ». 

Dr. Palza current research activities covers Artificial Intelligence applied to Management (Health, Finance, and Marketing), Business Intelligence (Data-Mining/Data-Warehouse), Statistics in Management, Performance Management, Project Management, IT Governance and Business Strategies. He has published several Books, Book Chapters and Articles in Journals and International Conferences. He is Editor Board in the Journal â��International Journal of Information, Business and Managementâ�� , reviewer and Chair for International Conferences in Business Management and IT (CITSA , CCCT , RMCI , etc). 

Actually Dr. Palza is conducting a Multidisciplinary Research Project in Health Informatics/Health Management. It is an International Project composed by Researchers and Students from Canada and Peru. The project interest is to predict diseases in newborns based on Pregnant Woman behaviours patterns applying Artificial Intelligence Models. 

Dr. Palza is also a member of the ISO committee Working Group 24 of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7-ISO 29110 â�� Software Lifecycle Profiles for Very Small Enterprises. He is leading projects relating of IT best practices for Small Enterprises in Canada and South America: Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Puerto Rico. 

Dr. Palza completed his PhD Degree with a concentration in IT Operations Management from U. du Québec – Ã�cole de technologie supérieure – Ã�TS (Canada), he earned a Master Degree in Software Engineering with a concentration in Performance Management from UQAM-Ã�TS (Canada), a Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems. Dr. Palza has certifications in Finance, Human Resources, Operations Management, as well as studies in Innovation Management, Procurement, Project Management, Marketing and E-Business.

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