Mentorship Program

How Do You Make A Superhero?

Research over the last 20 years has shown that effective mentors can have a positive effect on trainee job satisfaction, career mobility, recognition and promotion. However, the research also shows that an effective mentor must be somewhat of a superhero by assuming the multiple roles of friend, coach, leader, role model, motivator, trainer, career counselor, facilitator, evaluator and sponsor, while still functioning as a productive worker. This presentation will examine a training program that can help to develop an effective worker into an effective mentor / superhero.

The mentorship program consists of the following components:

  1. Mentoring Foundations
    • Mentoring Benefits
    • Mentoring Roles
    • Mentoring Skills
    • Structured On the Job Training (OJT) activities
  2. Mentoring Training Skills
    • Adult Learning Principles
    • Adult Learning Stages
    • 3D Learning Process
    • Structured OJT Activities
  3. Mentoring Interpersonal Skills
    • Listening
    • Questioning
    • Complaints and Criticisms
    • Perception
    • Conflict Management
  4. Leadership Skills
    • Leadership Characteristics
    • Motivation
    • Reinforcement
    • Goals and Objectives
    • Delegation
  5. Generational and Cultural Diversity
    • Generational Work Groups
    • Generational Work Strategies
    • Cultural Differences
    • Cultural Competence
    • Common Cultural Faux Pas
  6. Task Development and Evaluation
    • Task Development and Evaluation Process
    • Job Competencies
    • Job Tasks
    • Task Evaluation Process

A training manual/workbook is provided.


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